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It’s Official: Peggle Hitting iPhone, iPod Touch May 12

April 30, 2009

peggle iphone app

We mentioned that Peggle was on its way to the iPhone/iPod Touch way back in February. Today, Peggle’s publisher, Popcap Games, announced that Peggle would make its App Store debut Read the rest of this entry ?


Fallout 3 Update 1.5 Available Now

April 29, 2009

fallout 3 patch

For those of you still nose deep in Fallout 3, great news. Bethesda flipped the switch today on their newest update for the game, patch 1.5. Not a huge update but it does fix a few bugs and improves Read the rest of this entry ?


Swine Flu Has Ties To Pigs, Not Humans, Birds

April 28, 2009

swine flu pig picture

A report published today shows the Swine Flu Virus is not a mix of human/bird and pig genes, but originates from pigs only. It isn’t the hybrid people once thought. The most likely Read the rest of this entry ?


President Obama Pledges 3% GDP On Scientific Research And Development

April 27, 2009

President Obama

President Obama today announced that he would invest 3% of the countries GDP (Gross Domestic Product) on scientific research, development, and education. What’s 3% of 13.84 trillion Read the rest of this entry ?


Apple, Verizon In Late-Game iPhone Talks?

April 27, 2009

verizon iphone

It makes sense right? Sell the platform to as many people as you can, make a killing on contracts and App/Media purchases through Apple’s various stores, and make a ton of Verizon faithfuls stoked in the process? USA Today is Read the rest of this entry ?


Apple Making A Killing, 1 Billion Apps Downloaded

April 24, 2009

apple logo

It’s been 9 months since the Apple App opened for business. It took less than a year for Apple to dish out over 1 Billion downloads to iPhone and iPod Touch users. It’s going to take even Read the rest of this entry ?


Guitar Hero: Smash Hits Track List News

April 23, 2009

Guitar Hero World Tour

With Guitar Hero: Smash Hits well into development, Activision-Blizzard today unveiled the tracks from Guitar Hero 2 that will make it in the game. Check the list out after the jump. Read the rest of this entry ?