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California To Get Power From Space

April 16, 2009

solar satellite

Pacific Gas & Electric today announced a deal with Solaren Corp., a startup solar company, to purchase 200 megawatts of power from Solaren’s solar power satellite starting 2016. Energy is beamed from the satellite Read the rest of this entry ?


The Quest To Find Earth Like Planets, Kepler Telescope Launches Successfully

March 7, 2009


The Kepler Telescope, named after Johannes Kepler, the father the Laws of Planetary Motion, has successfully launched Friday night. Kepler’s significance comes with it being the first tool capable of detecting other earth like, life supporting planets Read the rest of this entry ?


NASA’s Carbon Satellite A Failure

February 24, 2009


NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory was designed to map carbon absorption in our atmosphere. Unfortunately, one of the rockets protective shell covers failed to disattach leaving too much weight on board to break orbit. With $278 million dollar price tag and an ailing economy, this loss comes a Read the rest of this entry ?