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President Obama To Hold Online Town Hall

March 25, 2009

obama online townhall

That’s right, Obama will hold an online townhall this Thursday by answering submitted, and voted on, user questions. “”Open for Questions” is a new experiment for, the President’s latest effort to open up the White House and give Americans Read the rest of this entry ?


Watch March Madness Streaming Online

March 19, 2009

youtube logo

Want to watch March Madness but don’t have cable? At the library studying but don’t want to miss a second of the action? Luckily, Youtube is supplying CBS’s Silverlight Live Stream of the games for anyone willing to install Microsofts Silverlight media player. Check out all Read the rest of this entry ?


California Bill Introduced Could Legalize Marijuana

February 24, 2009


I know this is a topic a lot of people feel very passionate about, on both sides, whether Marijuana should be legal or not. Today, California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano introduced legislation that would legalize marijuana putting a tax on both the distribution and growing of the plant. It is estimated that this legislation would provide $1 Billion in revenue for California annually. Mexican cartels would Read the rest of this entry ?


Octuplet Mom Monetizes Babies, Launches Website

February 11, 2009

octup greed

You heard about the Octuplet mom right? If you’ve been anywhere near a TV, I’m sure you have. Now Nadya Suleman making her grand assault on the Web, asking for donations. Incredible, I was wasn’t expecting a stunt like this at all. Anyways, if you want to check Read the rest of this entry ?