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It’s Official: Peggle Hitting iPhone, iPod Touch May 12

April 30, 2009

peggle iphone app

We mentioned that Peggle was on its way to the iPhone/iPod Touch way back in February. Today, Peggle’s publisher, Popcap Games, announced that Peggle would make its App Store debut Read the rest of this entry ?


Apple, Verizon In Late-Game iPhone Talks?

April 27, 2009

verizon iphone

It makes sense right? Sell the platform to as many people as you can, make a killing on contracts and App/Media purchases through Apple’s various stores, and make a ton of Verizon faithfuls stoked in the process? USA Today is Read the rest of this entry ?


Apple Making A Killing, 1 Billion Apps Downloaded

April 24, 2009

apple logo

It’s been 9 months since the Apple App opened for business. It took less than a year for Apple to dish out over 1 Billion downloads to iPhone and iPod Touch users. It’s going to take even Read the rest of this entry ?


Skype Comes To The Iphone, Ipod Touch

March 31, 2009


The much anticipated Skype application for Apple’s App Store is finally here, and it’s turning Ipod Touchs everywhere into functional phones. The stipulation? You’re going to need a Wi-fi connection to connect, Read the rest of this entry ?


CBS Releases Its App For The Masses

February 26, 2009 logo

Today, CBS released an app for the App Store called “” which gives you the ability to stream full episodes of CBS content directly to your Iphone or Ipod Touch. Old episodes of MacGyver anyone? Interviews with Californication cast members? It’s all there and in surprisingly good quality. Streaming video isn’t limited Read the rest of this entry ?