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NIF Completed, 192 Lazers Set To Create A Miniature Star

May 6, 2009

NIF Lazers Picture

Wired recently posted a mind blowing article about the possible creation of a miniature star when 192 seperate lazers at NIF (Lawrence Livermore’s National Ignition Facility) fire at Read the rest of this entry ?


President Obama Pledges 3% GDP On Scientific Research And Development

April 27, 2009

President Obama

President Obama today announced that he would invest 3% of the countries GDP (Gross Domestic Product) on scientific research, development, and education. What’s 3% of 13.84 trillion Read the rest of this entry ?


Technology Breakthrough For Instant On Computers

April 22, 2009

computer chip

No one likes waiting for their computer to turn on, but a technological breakthrough could make instant on computers a near future reality. The process deals with adding ferroelectric capability to silicon. Yea, it boggles my mind too. Wired has more.


Did You See Tesla’s Amazing New Model S?

March 27, 2009

Tesla Model S

Yesterday, Tesla Motors (the guys that brought you the Tesla Roadster) unveiled the new Model S. A 4 door, 7 passenger sedan that is set to compete with the BMW 5 series of the world. Why all the buzz? The Model S is an EV able to achieve 300 miles on a single 45 minute charge. The Tesla Model S should land Read the rest of this entry ?


Apple Shuffle Goes 4GB, Adds VoiceOver Technology

March 11, 2009

apple shuffle 4gb

Another Apple rumor, confirmed. Apple just bumped the capacity of the Ipod Shuffle to 4GB and scrapped the control wheel entirely. They also added a new feature called VoiceOver. With the click of a button, the Shuffle tells you Read the rest of this entry ?


Playstation 3 Price Cut Imminent

February 25, 2009


That’s according to Mike Hickey, an analyst at Janco. He’s saying that Sony may be cutting the price of the PS3 by $100 in order to get it moving off retail shelves again. The price cut should come as soon as a few days, April/March at the latest. With impressive Xbox 360 and Wii sales during the holiday season and not so hot PS3 numbers, Sony needs to Read the rest of this entry ?