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Build Your Own Computer

February 11, 2009


I’ve been building computers for friends and myself for quite a few years now. The first computer I built was an experience to say the least, but the first time you plug it in and boot the machine, you’re rewarded with a great feeling of accomplishment. Those of you looking to start building your own machines (which I greatly advise) head over Read the rest of this entry ?


Install Windows 7 Beta On Your Mac

February 3, 2009

Windows 7

Are you a Mac fan wondering what all Windows 7 hype is about but don’t have a PC at home to try it for yourself? Perfect, you’re in the right place. Simplehelp put together a great little tutorial for those wanting to try the Windows 7 Beta on their Macs via Parallels. Make sure you have Parallels Desktop 4.0 first and head on over. Windows 7 Beta Tutorial.


Try Windows 7, Without Risk

January 11, 2009

The general consensus is that Windows 7 Beta is not only faster than Vista and XP, but also works better. Like many of you, I’m happy with my current OS, but I still want to try Windows 7. Luckily lifehacker has put together a very simple guide on how to dual boot Windows 7 with XP or Vista. Don’t have Windows 7 yet? You can download it here.